Enrichment Activities


A Healthy Body leads to a Healthy Mind


Sports & Exercise

Our Sports Program kicked off in January 2018.

In addition to boosting cardiovascular fitness and strength,children who participate in regular physical activity and/or organized sports and fitness programs can make great improvement in their:

- balance and coordination

- fine motor skills

- overall motor function

- self-control

- ability to focus on a task

- auditory, visual, and tactile skills

Even beyond these physical benefits, participation in regular sports or fitness programs can enhance the child’s emotional well being, boost self-esteem, and improve social skills.



It has been proven that swimming can help children on the autism spectrum

- improve speech,

- coordination,

- social skills,

- self-esteem, and

- cognitive processing

as well as be an invaluable therapy to calm down.

However, the key function of learning to swim is to prevent accidental drowning in children.

We have teamed up with Mr Silas (GC Swim), a certified swim coach, currently for schools such as Rainbow and APSN, to offer swimming lessons for our students. Lessons are conducted once weekly @ Yio Chu Kang Swimming Pool.

*extra charges only applies to Swimming Program.


Dance Movement

Dance lessons are conducted once weekly by our dance teacher, who is NAFA trained. The focus of dance lessons are to:

- promote expression of emotion

- break the withdrawal symptoms and engaging with others

- increasing interpersonal bonding and communication

- recognizing, associating and responding to others increasing eye contact

- participate in group activities promote socialization

- increase shared focus

- learn through mirroring

- develop trust