Our Centre

Why do you receive students only 10 mins prior to open? +

Our staff will be busy with classroom preparations, and thus may not be able to practice full vigilance in looking after your child if sent early to the centre. To avoid distraction to staff and ensure safety of the child, parents are encouraged to admit their child 10 minutes prior to opening time in the morning. The same is practiced for PM session students.

How many students are there in the centre per session?+

Our centre is made up of only 2 combined shop house units. For safety reasons, the maximum capacity allowed for the centre is 30 students per session. However, we currently have a cap of 17 students per session.

Is your centre equipped with fire safety equipments? +

Yes, there are fire safety equipments placed in centre, fire regulations are followed and we have and staff are trained in fire drill and equipment operation procedure.

Is your centre fully air conditioned? +

Yes, our centre is fully air conditioned except for staff pantry area.

Why is there no dedicated admin staff in your centre? +

Quinn Centre is a social enterprise and our mission is to provide affordable care services. Thus we try to keep our operational cost low by not hiring additional support staff.

Why don’t you operate on Saturdays? +

We practice a 5 day workweek for the welfare of our staff so that they may have work life balance. We do offer ad hoc care for Saturdays, however additional care charges apply.

How many classes are there per session? +

There are 3 classes per session.

What is the staff student ratio of each class? +

Butterfly class (advance kids) 10 students: 1 program staff, Ladybird class (intermediate kids) 7 students: 1 staff, Caterpillar class (beginner kids) 5 students: 2 staff

Why is the waiting time at door is long sometimes? +

We try our best to keep the waiting time short, however we encourage students to be independent in their dismissal routine. When parents arrive at different timings, we allow child to finish their routine before coming down. Thus we request parents ring bell and take a seat (chair is provided) while they wait for child to complete their routines independently.

Enrollment, Probation, Termination & Withdrawal

Why must students be placed on 1 month compulsory probation upon enrollment? +

Quinn Centre offers group programs thus it is our responsibility to ensure that they do not pose a hazard to each others safety. The probation period allows us to access if new student is able to integrate into a group setting without showing aggressive behaviours and ensure that all students have a right to a safe learning space.

How are they assessed on initial month? +

Students are slowly integrated into a small group setting to observe behavior. They will also be assessed on writing, reading, fine motor, dressing, toileting and other self help skills. This will enable us to place them in a suitable class so that they stay challenged and engaged.

When must parent give termination notice when withdrawing child? +

We request that withdrawal notice is given by the third week of the month so as to ensure a final invoice is given (if any) by the 27th.

What if parent wants to withdraw child with immediate effect? +

Parent who wants to withdraw child with immediate effect can do so by informing us on day itself, however the current month fee will not be refunded or pro rated.

What are the behaviours of concern that can result in termination of child by Quinn Centre? +

Aggressive behavior towards self or others that results in injury, violent behaviours that cause damage to property, repeated abuse to staff and property, non compliance of centre policies repeatedly by parent and non payment of fees past grace period repeatedly.


Are your staff trained to work with students with special needs +

Yes, all our staff are required to attend courses to enable them to understand and work with children with special needs, and constantly upgrade themselves.

Are your staff certified to handle food for students? +

Yes we have staff certified in WSQ “Food and Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures”.

Are your staff first aid trained? +

Yes, we have minimum 1 staff first aid trained for every session

How are your staff selected to work in Quinn? +

Our staff are carefully selected based on their enthusiasm, playfulness, fitness level and interest in working with students with special needs. They go through induction and orientation to ensure they are able to work in a challenging environment and those that show empathy, passion and patience are selected as program facilitators.

How are female students cared for in Quinn? +

We have 2 female facilitators caring for female students. They have separate toilets from the boys and are managed strictly by the female facilitators during changing and toileting. We have strict codes of conduct for male facilitators when working with female students. There are also cameras equipped in main areas for monitoring.


How are your fees structured? +

The mean national average fees in a dedicated student care centre in Singapore is about $800. This information can be obtained from the SG Enable service matrix. With maximum comcare student care subsidy by government, a parent will end up paying $500. Those families earning a total income of more than $4000 are not eligible for the government subsidy currently. However, Quinn Centre fees are much lower than that and is heavily subsidized by the us. This is because we are a social enterprise with an objective to help out the society. Thus we have been working hard in keeping our fees in that median range of $450 to $500 since 2012.

Is there any subsidy from the government that parents can make use of? +

Currently Quinn Centre is not registered for the Comcare subsidy from government thus parents cannot apply for it. This is because with the application we will have to increase our operation cost to fulfill the regulations. This will directly affect the monthly fees and parents who do not qualify for the comcare subsidy will end up paying higher than now. Parents who qualify might end up paying what they are currently paying. Also Quinn will not be able to provide our own subsidy when comcare approved.

Are there any subsidies from Quinn Centre for needy families? +

Yes there are further subsidies available from us for needy families. A subsidy form has to be completed and all conditions must be fulfilled before approval of further fee reduction. We currently have 8 students on further fee subsidy by Quinn Centre.

Why is no deposit collected during enrollment? +

We understand that not all parents can afford the high cost of registration with deposit and we do not want to hold back parents when they want to withdraw child.

How is the material fee used? +

The material fee is collected twice yearly to pay for worksheets, workbooks, learning resources and art materials. As students with special needs often wear and tear resources at a faster rate, we need to have constant supply of these materials.

Why do you charge late fees? +

As we do not collect deposit payment, we require fees to be paid promptly by the 27th of prior month. When fee is still not paid in the new month, we are at a disadvantage of parents withdrawing child and leaving without paying for the days in new month that child was in Quinn care. Thus we are strict with fees and one way to ensure prompt fee payment is by imposing late fee charges.

Do I have to pay registration fee when I withdraw and enroll again? +

Yes registration fees must be paid each time child is enrolled.

What is the purpose of grace period for fee payment? +

There is a 3 days grace period for fee payment between the 27th to 30th of month where late charges do not apply. This is to help parents who may have forgotten or have some difficulty with payments. However this is not to be consistently made use of by parents and they need to inform staff when there is late payment.

If my child starts enrollment from the 10th of the month will the fees be pro rated? +

No, any child enrolled before the 15th of the month will have to pay full month fees. Pro rated fees is only for students who join after the 15th.

What are the other charges that parents may be liable for? +

Sick Care or Early send/Late Pick up if any for the month.

What is the procedure and grace period for late pick up? +

Parents are to inform staff if late before the dismissal time. Grace period is 10 minutes before late charges apply.

What is the procedure for sick care? +

When child is having low fever, mild cough or flu, they can be left at Quinn centre if parent is unable to pick up. Child will be isolated and taken care of by dedicated staff. Parent will be charged $10 for half day and $20 for full day.


Why is all communication done via watsapp? +

Most matters communicated to parents are of non urgent nature. We understand that parents are working and thus may not have the convenience of answering calls. Whatsapp messages can be viewed at parents convenience. Furthermore messages are also for record keeping that proper information has been passed both ways. Parents who wish to speak with staff can always do so by informing staff before calling, the Quinn staff are always happy to converse with parents.

Why are my messages replied late by staff? +

Program staff are not allowed use of their HP during lesson time. They can only reply during their breaks or after lessons. Messages sent at night after 7pm or on weekends will be replied next working day if non urgent.

How can I meet with child’s program staff? +

Parents can communicate with program staff their intention for a meeting or discussion and staff will make necessary arrangements when they end their classes.

How can I know about my child’s activities in the centre? +

All activities are updated in the Quinn website on the last week of the month.

Who can I contact if I have complains about staff? +

Parents may contact our Head of Centre, Ms Rachel at 93206383.

Why can’t parents come up to centre during arrival or dismissal? +

We respect the privacy and are vigilant towards the safety of our students. Thus parent and visitors are not allowed into centre without prior approval from staff.

When is parent staff meeting done? +

There is no specific date for parent staff meeting and we encourage parents to come forward anytime that they want to have a discussion. They can inform staff prior and arrangement will be made on next convenient date for all.

Lunch & Snacks

Why doesn’t the centre allow biscuits or cakes for snacks? +

We have students who are on the GFCF or low sugar diet. Biscuits and cakes are highly tempting and encourage young children to snatch. Furthermore, we do not have full-time cleaning staff. All housekeeping chores are managed by older students and staff. Thus, when children spill biscuits and cakes, it is difficult, for them, to clean on a consistent basis.

Is your lunch and snacks menu nutritious? +

Yes it is. We strive to include two vegetables and a protein in every meal. There is also no preservatives, seafood, nuts, and excess oil in it.

Why do you insist on students bringing their own containers? +

We encourage minimal disposables to do our part for the environment. Thus, students are encouraged to bring their own containers and contribute to recycling.

Why are student’s food containers not washed in the centre? +

We do not have a full-time cleaning staff and washing our students’ containers will take time away from lessons for the staff. Thus, we request parents to wash the containers at home.

How do you charge for your lunch and snacks? +

Currently, the lunch fees are included in monthly program fee. A single serving of lunch is about $2.50 per child. Snacks are only charged at slightly less than $1 per day for each child. Thus, both lunch and snacks are subsidized by Quinn Centre for all students.

How can parents be assured that the child is drinking enough water at centre? +

It is Quinn Centre’s policy that students on half day must consume half their water bottle amount, about 450ml of water, equivalent to 2 cups. This is the minimum amount for a fussy child. Others are encouraged to drink as much as they want as long as it is more than the minimum. Regular bottle checks are carried out to ensure child has drank water.

What if my child does not like the food served at Quinn? +

Students enrolled usually have eating patterns developed since they were small. Thus, it is not possible for Quinn staff to change behaviours immediately upon enrolment. If child does not like food during the initial days, it is a cause for concern. Parents must provide alternatives or home food so that the child eats. This shall be discussed with parents.

Is there water provided at centre for refill? +

Yes there is cooled boiled water always available for refill.

Is your food Halal? +

Yes. All food served is Halal.

Clothing, Hygiene & Health

Why is child’s clothes dirty sometimes after lessons? +

Students are engaged in sensory activities that may involve paints and colors. Thus, we encouraged children not to wear new or expensive clothes.

Why must students on diaper wear shorts and not long pants? +

Children on diapers need staff assistance when toileting. Taking off and putting long pants or leggings require more time and physically strain staff. Thus, wearing shorts is more efficient and less strenuous.

Is the centre cold, does parent have to provide sweater? +

No. The temperature is constantly checked to ensure it is not too hot or too cold.

My child is a girl and I will like her to wear long pants, is that ok? +

If child is independent in changing, then it is ok. Otherwise, we will require her to be in shorts.

Why doesn’t the centre allow showering? +

Our students have special needs and thus may not be verbal. They also have no awareness and observation skills. It is to protect their privacy and the staff from unnecessary law issues that we do not carry out showering in the centre.

Why isn’t my child’s soiled pants not rinsed before bagging? +

Quinn Centre does not have a cleaning staff. Thus, all toileting accidents are managed by staff and their assistants. Rinsing out soiled clothes takes time away from lessons so it is just bagged as it is.

Why is my child placed in sick care without my permission? +

All children who arrive or fall sick at centre will be automatically placed in sick care and simultaneously parents are informed. Charges only apply when parents are not able to pick up child within 2 hours of informing. Half day and full day sick care is only by approval from parents. Otherwise, child must be brought back home.

Why is my child asked to be brought back when fever is low? +

Sometimes child will appear lethargic when having a low fever or have accompanying symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea. In this case, they must be sent back home to see a doctor.

My child is not sick when brought back home, how did staff decide that they are sick? +

Staff takes temperature of child and record at different times to ensure a fever. Thus, we will not entertain parents who complain that child is well when back home.

Do you have a designated sick area in the centre? +

Yes we do.

Injuries, Meltdowns & Temper Tantrums

My child comes back with bruises and injuries. +

Parents are to be informed that Quinn Centre activities involved play and exercise. There are equipments that the students use such as swings and slide. We encourage play amongst themselves regularly. Thus there is a high chance of students bumping onto each other of falling off equipments during these lessons. Parents are advised to ask child about injuries if verbal. For non-verbal children parents may check with staff. However, we strongly encourage parents to observe injuries and bruises carefully to determine patterns if they are abusive or accidental in nature.

My child is bitten or scratched by another child? +

As our students are differing in needs, such accidents are not preventable especially if child is provoked. Quinn staff are vigilant in observing biting patterns in students and these students will be placed in intervention before allowing to be in groups. However when provoked, even the mildest of children can bite or scratch. Both students’ parents will be informed and first aid will be provided for injured child. Staff will speak with both parents to resolve the matter and biting child will be placed in intervention till satisfactory to join group.

When will parent be informed following injuries? +

Attending to the injured child is our first priority. Injuries in students are a distressing time for both staff and other students and everyone is deployed to manage the situation. There may be delays in informing due to this and we seek parents understanding should there be delays.

I notice some bruising over the weekend? +

Students engaged in physical play or exercise may sustain bumps and knocks that may develop over the next few days. Parents can inform staff and necessary action will be taken in the next working day.

Holiday Programs, Annual Shutdowns, & Full Day Claims

Why do you have holiday programs instead of usual curriculum? +

Most of our students will come back for full day care during the school holidays. Thus the student to staff ratio will be higher than usual. Staff will not be able to proceed with usual routines. As holidays are fun times for students, we have holiday programs that consist of group activities that students will enjoy.

Can I claim my full days during school holidays? +

No, during school holidays staff are working with more than usual students and workload thus they need to be remunerated for their efforts. Also materials and resources are required to be purchased for holiday programs. Thus additional fees will apply for extra hours of care.

Do I have to pay back the full days if I withdraw child before December? +

Yes, all full day care for the year will have to be paid in the last invoice if child does not complete the December shutdown days.

Why do you need to close centre twice per year? +

Quinn Centre manages young children thus needs to be periodically sanitized and repair works done. This require us to close down the full operation twice yearly. This is also a period for staff to prepare curriculum materials for the next semester. Staff also go for trainings and courses as a group during these periods. All our shutdown days are within the requirements of MSF.

I cannot find alternate care for my child during shutdown? +

The shutdown days are already indicated to parents in the beginning of the year. Thus we trust parents to have ample time to make arrangements for alternate care. However we do understand that some parents require care services for their child during this period. Quinn Centre is looking into this and will advice parents if any staff is available to come back. This will be additional fees and on availability of staff. Parents are to speak with staff on this matter prior to shutdown date.

Do I still have to pay full fees for the shutdown months? +

Yes, it has been brought to the attention of parents during enrollment that full fees must be paid for the shutdown months and further indicated in policy agreement. We will not entertain arguments or requests for pro rate of shutdown dates.

What will happen to the balance full days that I am not able to claim for the year? +

All students are given 11 days of free full day claims, prorated for a year. This is to offset the December shutdown days. All unclaimed full days will not be carried forward, thus we encourage parents to claim all entitled days.