August Class Updates

Facilitated Gross Motor Play

Play Ball!

In Gross Motor Play, our Ladybirds practised rolling a ball to their teachers and each other, while maintaining focus and keeping eye contact. Instead of following instinct to throw or bounce a ball when they see it, they focused on listening to their teachers’ instructions to roll the ball instead.

Sensory Art

Exploring with Playdoh

A sterile and malleable non-toxic product originally developed as a non-drying alternative to modelling clay, Playdoh’s unique texture made it a wacky and wonderful substance for our Ladybirds to tear, pinch, roll, pat poke and make shapes with. They learnt how to use cookie cutter to cut out shapes, and also rolled the Playdoh into letters of the alphabet.

With children along the spectrum sometimes finding it difficult to identify an outlet for overloaded emotions and senses, sitting at a table and spending time exploring and squashing Playdoh acts as a ‘stress ball’ of sorts to calm down, and provides a fun channel for creativity.

Worksheet Practice

Engaging in our Workbook Activities

We worked on our individual worksheets, according to our levels.

Independent Skills

Mealtime Know-How

To prepare our children for future independence, this month’s Independent Skills curriculum was planned around an everyday activity-mealtime. Ladybirds were taught to eat with correct posture and minimal spillage, as well as finishing up with their group and cleaning up after the meal.

Fine Motor Skills

Savvy Scooping

To help develop the Ladybirds’ Fine Motor Skills, they were taught to scoop objects like macaroni, beans and marbles, as well as pouring liquid, from various containers, scoops and spoons, from a vessel to another. Besides improving hand-eye coordination, this also strengthens grip in children’s hands, enabling them to better hold and manipulate small objects.

Cognitive Development

Smart Sorting

Children were provided with assortments of objects, and were instructed to sort them by function, shape and colour. This enables them to exercise analytical skills and logic.


An Introduction to Instruments

We explored the different ways of making and producing sound using instruments. With the help of the teachers at Quinn, the Ladybirds learnt to manipulate instruments and blow, tap or shake them to make music.


Chelsea Inez